Senin, 02 April 2012

movies that inspire me :D

1) Taken, This film tells the story of a reference to being a good father.
2) 500 Days Of Summer, This film tells the story of a sense of unyielding desire to realize
3) August Rush, This film tells the story of the music. that music is not a melody but it could take a miracle
4) Alice In Wonderland, This film tells the story of adventure and the dream world  


someday i will spend my summer in Paris with person who i love :')

paris is a paradise for me, there are places of interest and very charming

things that i don't like

1) injustice, I do not like injustice, because it really bothers me
2) caterpillar, caterpillars are very disturbing!
3) Ladybugs, for me Ladybugs is not adorable at all   
4) Rude people 
5) Untruth, better to go than here but lie!

things that I like

1) Paris, someday I will definitely go there, I would invite friends and people I love!
2) Music, Listening to music can make me forget about everything, my pain, sadness, problems dissapear for a while
3) Spongebob, Spongebob and Patrick, they're dumb but they taking care of each other, they love each other no matter what, they're BESTFRIENDS :D
4) Friendship, Friendship is not about how we listen to their problems but how we understand them when they really need us
5) Mom, My MOM = Annoying, Dramatic, lovable, Irritating, beautiful, loving, caring, strong, amazing, superhero for me, she's my everything. love ya Deny Irawati ♥

introduction :)

welcome to my blog! here you can find out anything about my life and my world. You can find all that I like and I do not like. and you can search for anything here: D but there are still many shortcomings in this blog, so please be proclaimed: p thank you, and enjoy here!